In 2013, our 7-year-old son was brutally attacked by my sisters dog while we visited her home. He was rushed to the hospital with trauma level injuries and underwent life saving intervention, including immediate facial reconstructive surgery. We knew he faced a long road to recovery with numerous surgeries ahead of him to repair the physical scars, but nothing prepared us for the emotional scars he would face.  

We noticed similar emotional trauma present in our then 9 year daughter who witnessed the attack, which left us even more confused and emotionally drained. We soon discovered that in addition to our son being haunted by night terrors, panic attacks, and extreme anxiety, both kids were suffering from PTSD, a disorder we had only related to soldiers coming back from war zones.

Our family began traveling to meet other survivors of canine attacks, and it was during this time we noticed some improvement in the emotional state of our kids. During these visits they discovered they could talk freely with other survivors about what happened without being judged. The were now connected with people who understood them in ways others did not, they no longer felt so alone. 

Once home, per their insistence, we allowed them to start visiting children in the hospital who had survived trauma level dog attacks. Some of these beautiful kids had lost ears and arms, and our kids met them without judgement or shock, just a message of hope and understanding along with a small gift to let them know they weren't alone. This brought hope to everyone involved and has been a true blessing to witness.

Through this, we began to see our kids slowly healing, and still they insisted on doing more. They had dreams of meeting every child survivor and give them their message of hope and love.

That’s how SCARS KIDSwas born!

Our goal is to reach as many children as possible who have been attacked by dogs at the trauma level and send them a gift. Along with the personalized gift, we send hope and encouragement to let them know that kids just like them are out there rooting for their recovery. 

Because meeting other kids has been the biggest aid in their healing process, our dream is to grow large enough to become an organization that brings these survivor children together in a fun and safe environment, a place they can meet annually without judgment or fear. That is the dream of our Survivor kids, our little heroes!

Until then, (and after) we will continue to provide smiles through personalized gifts of love from kids just like them!



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