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Sport is the reason S.C.A.R.S. KIDS exists!

At age 7, Sport, our perfect little boy, was mauled at the trauma level by my sister's newly adopted pit-bull while we visited her home. Our son was attacked as he sat quietly on the couch, never taunting or confronting the family dog. The scene was what nightmares are made of, and I will spare you the details that no person should ever have to relive in their mind,  but because it was so traumatic, we often do.

Our little fighter sustained trauma level injuries that required immediate medical intervention, including vital facial reconstructive surgery and critical care treatment. His hospital stay was nearly a month and a very difficult time.

While at the hospital, our beautiful son with a naturally calm demeanor began having frequent night terrors. The term "night' terrors is a bit misleading because they not only happen at night, but throughout the entire day, as he tried to rest and heal. We gained a shred of comfort knowing that children who have night terrors do not usually remember them in the waking hours, but as witnesses, you feel extremely emotional and helpless.  We hoped to gain support from the staff, but unfortunately most nurses caring for him had never dealt with night terrors and were shocked by the frantic episodes.  

Once released from the hospital we found that Sport was afraid to leave the house and suffered extreme panic attacks, PTSD and sudden bouts of anxiety.  Although he has learned to live with his physical scars, he continues to struggle with the emotional wounds which have proven to be much deeper and longer lasting.

After nearly 4 years of healing, our little survivor is on the road to recovery, but still has additional surgeries ahead of him. We continue to travel across two states every 6 months to consult with a team of surgical specialists regarding future surgeries he will undergo. He never looks forward to these visits and has asked us to refrain from telling him about upcoming appointments or discuss them until the day he must go. He explained that knowing about these pending visits causes too much anxiety (which can lead to panic attacks and trigger night terrors). He is wise beyond his years to understand these signs and choose peace.

Sport is a true survivor! He continues to meet countless other survivors, always giving words of encouragement by letting them know they will be ok. If you receive a package from S.C.A.R.S.KIDS, you may receive a letter he has written just for you. He works hard to spread his love and encouragement every chance he gets!

Through this tragedy, Sport has visited hospitals across the United States and has formed lasting friendships with other survivors. He has grasped the essence of compassion at a young age and is our definition of a hero! Sport will continue to spread love through understanding and keep reminding  kids that scars are beautiful!!