Meet Ryder

Ryder is a spunky little 3-year-old dare devil who is constantly laughing and full of life. Even when things get him down, this little firecracker is ready to take on the world.

In 2015, just one day past Thanksgiving, this little sweetheart was brutally attacked by 2 Rottweilers while visiting a family friend, one of the dogs belonged to Ryder’s family and was always well cared for. This sweet boy had wandered out the backyard when the animals instantly grabbed his tiny body, mauling him at the trauma level.

The dogs caused several injuries to the toddler, many life threatening.  Some of the injuries this handsome little survivor sustained include a torn scrotum, loss of permanent teeth due to broken jaw, broken arm, missing mandible, loss of 75% of his lips and eyelid, punctured lung, missing jaw bone and multiple lacerations to his face and body. Nearly his entire face was degloved on his left side.

Ryder has been nothing less than amazing through each of his 40 surgeries. To date, he has spent over 70 hours in the operating room and will undergo plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures all the way into adulthood as surgeons continue to repair the extensive injuries he sustained.

This fighter happens to be a hero of ours! He has undergone more trauma than any person should endure in 100 lifetimes. Through it all, he continues to be a typical energetic toddler, keeping his parents on their toes. Ryder is an inspiration to countless people and continues to face his challenges head on with that glorious smile that melts hearts.


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