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Sydney is a special little girl who we know and adore. This precious ray of sunshine is the most caring girl around, always helping others and spreading her positive vibe wherever she goes.  

Sydney and her two brothers were having fun in the sun on a beautiful March day while their grandpa worked in the yard nearby. Given permission, the trio headed next door to ask their friend to come outside and play. As they headed the short distance to the home, they were met by the family dogs, one of whom they had seen many times before, this time they decided to attack. The pit bulls pummeled 7 year old Sydney to the ground, inflicting critical wounds while her brothers ran for help.  

Frantically, Sydney's mom rushed her to the hospital where she was taken directly to the operating room to repair her extensive debilitating wounds, some of which left her unable to walk, requiring the aid a physical therapist to assist in her recovery.

Sydney spent many nights in the hospital and was ready to continue her recovery in the comfort of her home when the surgeons noticed her progress was regressing. Unfortunately, as she was about to be released they discovered she had contracted a virus during her stay, which required her to be hospitalized much longer.  

Sydney has come a long way in the past year! She is learning to embrace her physical scars and still suffers from emotional trauma, but she refuses to let this get her down! She is not only walking again, she is ready to move mountains. We predict Sydney will turn this traumatic experience into something positive and save many lives in the future!

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