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Zoey was overjoyed to be spending the day with her mom and sisters. It was going to be a girl’s day enjoying a dolphin cruise, and Zoey had been anxiously counting down the days for this rare treat!  The forecast called for clouds, but sunshine abounded and the afternoon could not have been more perfect for the duo.  

While passing the time before picking up her sisters before their great adventure, Zoey and her mom Paige noticed the neighbor caring for her lawn so they strolled over to say hello. Paige was standing on the back porch chatting with the neighbor, the neighbors two family dogs played nearby.  As Zoey tapped on the window to get her mom’s attention, one of the dogs immediately attacked the young girl, without warning and viciously. The male pit-bull yanked Zoey by her precious little face as her mom struggled to yank the animal off her little girl. The dog was still attacking young Zoey relentlessly and wouldn’t let go, so her mom threw herself on top of Zoey, shielding her sweet girl from the continuous attack. As thoughts of losing her daughter spun through her mind, both pit-bulls continued to viciously attack Paige, causing life threatening wounds to both mom and daughter.

The two were transported to separate hospitals, Zoey underwent extensive surgery.

Young Zoey was transported to the best equipped hospital by helicopter and spend over 10 hours in the operating room while surgeons worked tirelessly to repair the many wounds the dogs left behind.  Along with other serious wounds, Zoey suffered from a shattered jaw and her eyelid had been completely torn off by the pit-bull.  This precious young girl will continue to undergo surgeries in the future to repair the damages that remain, including skin grafting and eyelid reconstruction/lift. 

At another hospital, doctors worked to repair the wounds her mom sustained. Specialists replaced an ear that had been entirely ripped off Paige’s body by the animal. Doctors also repaired damages to her knee along with internal damages caused by the mauling.

For Paige, the several hours waiting for her daughter while she was undergoing her lengthy 10 hour surgery were the most grueling hours of her entire life. This mother had to wait for the news of her daughter’s condition, praying her precious Zoey would survive.  Understandably, those hours are painful to relive in her mind.

We are ecstatic to report that although this attack was very recent and her wounds are still fresh, this brave young fighter is on the mend and out of physical pain!  Sweet Zoey still suffers extensive internal wounds which will take much longer to heal, but she gets through it by spending her days very close to her mom and a sleeping in her bed at night for comfort and reassurance. Both mother and daughter are beautiful survivors who gain inspiration and strength from each other and the unyielding support of their beautiful family!!



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